Confirmation Prep

We are excited to announce a new Collaborative Confirmation Program for the youth of St. Peter and San Felipe.  All youth in 8th grade and older are invited to begin this two year preparation on the third Sunday of each month (September thru May) from 5:00 (beginning with Mass or prayer service) to 8:30pm at St. Peter Parish.  

The Confirmation date is determined by Bishop Paul Bradley in the fall of your Confirmation year.

Please contact Alisha Giles for more information, or click on the links below.


Confirmation Candidate Registration             2017/2018 Class Schedule                            Preparing for Confirmation                 Application


Service Hours Form                                    Journey to Confirmation Paper                            Saint Presentation                         


  Bishop Letter                                            Letterhead for Bishop Letter                         Letterhead in Word


Please refer to these links...

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Decision Point Confirmation Program

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